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Driving Operational Scale and Expansion: How a Leading Intimate Care Brand Achieved Rapid Growth

By Vivi Tran Lynch July 2023 | 2 min read


  • A fast expanding venture-backed brand in the intimate care industry was struggling to efficiently manage their supply chain operations as they pursued rapid growth targets
  • LIDD conducted an in-depth network analysis and provided expert guidance in selecting a 3PL to assist the client in achieving their operational scale and expansion goals
  • Thanks to LIDD’s supply chain solutions, the client was able to quickly transition to a new 3PL, prioritizing support for rapid growth and omni-channel expansion

Supporting a High-Growth Intimate Care Brand Meet Operational Scale and Expansion Targets

A rapidly growing intimate care brand in the beauty industry, valued at $15MM, recognized the necessity of enhancing their distribution network approach to accommodate their rapid expansion and omni-channel growth. With the continuous onboarding of retailers and the thriving direct-to-consumer channel, the company faced the challenge of scaling up quickly due to limited experienced resources and numerous ongoing initiatives. With a strategic focus on improving service levels and optimizing distribution locations, the brand immediately prioritized the establishment of sustainable fulfillment cost models to drive future growth.

Read the success story below.

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