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Preparing for a Successful Warehouse Management System (WMS) Go-Live

Angie Sabourin & Serena Kullukian

January 17th | 3 min read

Preparing for a Successful Warehouse Management System (WMS) Go-Live: Key Considerations for Smooth Operations

The Warehouse Management System (WMS) go-live is a vital transition phase that empowers businesses to streamline their warehouse operations using a newly implemented system. However, a successful implementation demands diligent planning and addressing potential challenges. This article outlines practical tips and recommendations to guarantee a seamless and triumphant WMS go-live. Keep an eye out for our next blog post where we explore some common challenges faced in warehouse operations and discuss corresponding mitigation strategies.

Valuable Tips for a Seamless WMS Go-Live:

  1. Embrace risk and establish a mitigation plan: Fully preparing for all possible risks is impractical, so it’s crucial to identify potential challenges and formulate a plan to address them effectively.
  2. Trust the expertise of experienced consultants: Bear in mind that go-live events are comparatively rare for your team, but consultants handle several go-lives every year. Depend on their knowledge and insights to navigate you through the transition period.
  3. Allocate additional resources: Supply extra support to areas within your control to manage the increased workload during the go-live process.
  4. Choose the right timing: Refrain from initiating the WMS during peak periods or on high-demand weekdays to reduce disruptions to regular operations.
  5. Proactively handle order reception and fulfillment: Implement proactive measures to ensure a smooth order flow during the go-live phase, minimizing potential delays and customer dissatisfaction.
  6. Prepare and test equipment: Confirm that all equipment, including scanners, printers, and handheld devices, is in working order well before the go-live date and run tests when necessary.
  7. Ensure accurate inventory counts: Dedicate additional labor to strategically count warehouse sections in the weeks leading up to the go-live to ensure inventory accuracy.
  8. Replenish primary locations: Avoid a backlog of replenishment tasks by replenishing primary locations in advance of the go-live.
  9. Consider extending shifts or adding a new shift: If feasible, extend shifts or add a new shift for a week to handle the increased workload. Ensure adequate training for the additional workforce.
  10. Notify key stakeholders: Inform key stakeholders about the upcoming system launch, as it may impact on-time deliveries or require adjustments to existing processes.
  11. Avoid introducing operational changes simultaneously: Minimize confusion and disruptions by avoiding other operational changes during the WMS go-live. Focus on successfully implementing the new system first.
  12. Prioritize change management: Prepare your team well in advance by providing training and addressing concerns to ensure a smooth transition and avoid surprises on the go-live day.
  13. Set realistic go-live KPIs: Avoid setting unrealistic expectations by setting achievable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Aim for gradual improvements, rather than expecting 100% order fulfillment on day one.

Implementing a Warehouse Management System for Health Warehousing Operations:

When implementing a new WMS in health warehouses, take extra care to ensure your system meets stringent industry regulations while maintaining the highest level of inventory control. Proper documentation and training are essential to guarantee compliance and uninterrupted operations in this specialized sector of warehousing.

Final Thoughts:

With thorough preparation and careful consideration of the factors mentioned above, senior-level executives and warehouse directors/managers in Canada and the U.S can look forward to a smooth and successful Warehouse Management System go-live. This transition will ultimately lead to optimized efficiency, improved inventory management, and increased customer satisfaction within your supply chain.

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