Livre Blanc mai 3, 2023

Transforming Health and Beauty Businesses with NetSuite

NetSuite Drives Rapid Growth, Cost Reductions for Health and Beauty Companies

Year-over-year industry growth, paired with record labor shortages and persistent supply chain disruptions, has created a perfect storm for health and beauty companies.  

This short business guide describes how LIDD Consultants uses their technology and NetSuite to help companies reduce inventory costs, maximize profitability, and meet ever-rising customer expectations. 

Download the business guide to learn how:

  • LIDD and NetSuite partner to help companies streamline product lifecycle journeys 
  • NetSuite’s cloud ERP eliminates the need for QuickBooks and spreadsheets, enabling finance teams to forecast supply and demand with greater accuracy
  • One health and beauty manufacturer reduces monthly inventory adjustments by 99%

With NetSuite as the foundation, LIDD prepares health and beauty companies for long-term success. With a clear view of operational performance, companies can keep a steady pulse on the market and proactively respond to changing demand. 

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