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Since 2009, LIDD has been trusted by hundreds of clients from pre-revenue to Fortune 100. Our experience in cold chain, food, consumer products, retail, e-commerce, manufacturing, and distribution headline our deep expertise.

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Understanding your business makes a difference. Our experts spend thousands of hours each year inside the four-walls of our clients’ operations. Partner with professionals who speak your language and understand the nuances of your operations.

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    Don’t waste your time explaining the nuances of food lot-code traceability or the details of apparel styles. We get it.

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    Is that chatter you’ve heard about the next big thing a real opportunity or a waste of time? Rely on a partner who knows.

  • Simplify regulatory compliance

    Our experience means we design to your audit standards with expertise.

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Food & Beverage

We understand the unique complexities facing perishable food supply chains and the high risks of poor planning. That’s why we address product seasonality, expiration, and multi-temperature requirements like operators. Our experts have completed hundreds of projects for food & beverage manufacturers, distributors, & retailers.

Consumer Goods

CPG products are the lifeblood of the economy. Our multi-disciplinary expertise gives us a 360 understanding of the industry. Our ERP experts understand supply & demand planning with precision, our consultants know how to build a retailer-specific pallet, and our team understands all the nuances in between. Our work from raw materials suppliers to store-operators powers our whole-supply-chain expertise.

Retail and E-commerce

Unified retail expertise is our strength. We work for traditional retailers, e-commerce natives, and everyone in between. We design facilities for omnichannel excellence and supply chains with BOPIS, BORIS, ship-from store, ship-from-DC, and endless aisle capabilities. Our experts design and implement dark stores, hyper-local hubs, and centralized fulfillment centers.


Our distribution expertise is deep and complex. With hundreds of projects ranging from pharmaceutical distribution to parts & pre-sales operations, we have seen it all. Our experience expands beyond consumer, to include work for some of the world’s largest mining, energy, and healthcare companies.

Non-Profit Organizations

LIDD’s dedicated Non-Profit practice provides specialized research & policy-support services in addition to our core supply chain consulting & technology expertise. We’re proud to be the leading consultant to food banks, helping to improve cold-chain performance, modernize operations, and better meet demand.

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