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LIDD is your official Microsoft Partner, connecting you with scalable software solutions that solve your most complex supply chain challenges.

Stay competitive on demand and supply disruptions management with LIDD’s expertise and advisory services.

Shared Database – Integrated Processes

Goodbye siloed information and tribal knowledge. Harmoniously operate your field services, CRM, sales, marketing, and warehousing activities from one source of truth. Share with your partners and 3PLs for real-time knowledge sharing.

Microsoft Solutions Ecosystem

Upgrade the Microsoft systems you already know and love. Take advantage of the wide range of solutions in Microsoft 365 ecosystem to ensure streamlined functionality coverage and user experience for maximum efficiency.

Cross-Functional Capabilities

Keep a pulse on product performance and inventory status with up-to-date inventory data and business forecasting intelligence. Register new items, process BOMs, define item attributes and maintain control overstocks.

Business Automation

Stay ahead of the rapidly growing pace of digital transformation. Break free from legacy software by eliminating the manual processes that lead to human error and workload burnout by embracing end-to-end business automation.

Why make LIDD your Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner?

Leverage industry best practices

Support your core business activities with LIDD’s insider access to Microsoft’s most innovative industry solutions.

Tailor functionalities to your operations

LIDD prioritizes your current business needs and forecasts your operational future to build a robust Microsoft 365 platform made just for you.

Create an efficient user interface

Control user-specific access and create intuitive dashboards that ensure data security and high-user adoption.

Easily train your employees

LIDD experts guide your employees through a simple yet thorough onboarding process for a friction-less Go Live.

Streamline your business, warehousing, and processing operations

Mobilize all your software systems to work in concert. Connect your ERP with your WMS, MES, TMS, e-commerce, or EDI.

Easily access data

Access your data anytime, anywhere. Make better business decisions, pinpoint inefficiencies, and manage operations with a complete view of your inventory and financial information.

Simplify your software architecture with LIDD Connect.

LIDD Connect is our proprietary solution for industries requiring management of multiple attributes and business rules in the ERP integrated to the warehouse management system. By bridging the communication gap between Dynamics 365 Business Central and Generix Solochain Warehouse Management System (WMS), LIDD Connect acts as a powerful gateway software.

How your business can benefit from LIDD Connect

Handshake between Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Solochain.

Communicate easily across your ERP and WMS with cloud capability. Work on staging tables, web services, and error handling logic from both platforms simultaneously.

Take advantage of master data features.

Facility Layout Information

Measure warehouse bin capacity, carve out warehouse routes and improve product slotting using 3D facility layout information.

Vendor Cards

Automatically capture, validate, and store vendor information on Microsoft 365 and Solochain.

Item Cards

Share cold-chain metrics like expiry dates, lot numbers, country of origin, and temperature between Solochain and Microsoft 365.

Customer Cards

Easily search customer criteria to find customer inventory.

Leverage transactional data features.

Inbound Transactions

Capture item data instantly across your ERP and WMS and automate the entire procurement cycle, including purchase orders, return orders, and transfer orders.

Outbound Transactions

Control picking, replenishment, loading, and shipping activities as it happens.

Bills of Material & Production Orders

Handle multiple change scenarios while enforcing critical control steps during BOM management and PO creation.

Inventory Control

Control Solochain’s cycle count directly from Dynamics 365.

What sets the LIDD team apart?

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 certified

    LIDD is a certified Microsoft partner, with decades of experience integrating the latest Microsoft systems and products.

  • End-to-end supply chain optimization

    We assess the full spectrum of your business goals and supply chain to custom design software architecture.

  • Cost-saving consulting

    LIDD’s Microsoft experts work to optimize your supply chain software without taxing your IT budget.

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