Digital Transformation

Where do you begin? With a realistic, forward-thinking partner. Elevate performance and outpace your peers by executing against the digital roadmap that’s right for you.

With LIDD, a full systems roadmap is more accessible than ever

We Understand You

Our industry expertise sets us apart. We’re specialized in consumer products, distribution, retail, and manufacturing. We don’t advise insurance agents or sports teams because we don’t live and breathe their businesses. We’re experts in your operations and we know the universe of systems to support them.

An Elite Hybrid Team

Our consultants dig deep into your operating data, growth forecasts, and operations. Then, we guide your cross-functional teams through deep-dive workshops to map out each key business process. Our team includes the operators and experts who know your processes and the systems experts to design your architecture.

Implementation Ready

Our roadmaps are real plans ready for action. They’re not descriptions of some fantastical ideal state that you’ll never achieve. Our work product is a detailed systems architecture that you can afford, that your employees can understand and operate, and that will scale harmoniously as you grow. Real timelines, real budgets, and real recommendations about trade-offs and risks.

More than a Roadmap

Once you trust us, you won’t want to lose us. Our technology teams can implement many of the key systems you’ll consider, including NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics, and supply chain execution software like warehouse management systems (WMS). We’re a software services partner you can rely on for the long term. We’re ready when its right for your business, not when its right for us.

Digital transformation, your vehicle for success.

Supply chain transformation has become a survival tactic for businesses in response to rapid shifts in the fundamentals of consumer demand. LIDD’s digital transformation roadmaps put you in control, so you can drive disruption, not react to it. Empower your employees to make better decisions, and gain the flexibility to grow wherever opportunities take you.

Our team of engineers, data scientists, and consultants work with you to holistically transform your systems and your supply chain. LIDD experts consider your digital systems, your physical infrastructure, and your processes.

Find balance and gain confidence.

Know what’s necessary now and what can wait. Gain long-term confidence in your digital systems.

Maximize your capital, avoid surprises

LIDD ensures you make capital-conscious decisions at every stage of your digital transformation. Our roadmaps quantify and justify right-sized investments in systems, software, and applications to best align with your financial priorities.

Enable data-driven decisions

Roadmap consulting and implementation is driven by data science and informed by our deep supply chain and industry expertise. At the core of our approach is our thorough pursuit of insight from every corner of our clients’ data.

Categorize opportunities for investment

We transfer knowledge to you and empower your business as part of all our projects. LIDD’s analysts and engineers make it easy for stakeholders to understand and evaluate their options when investing in short-term performance optimization and sustainable long-term transformation.

Solve industry-specific challenges

To remain competitive, operators must adapt to the speed of innovation. Whether you’re a retail company implementing a direct-to-consumer channel, or a food and beverage manufacturer that’s outgrown your legacy system, our roadmaps highlight opportunities to leverage solutions that align with your financial capacity and long-term vision.

Seamlessly integrate your value chain

Disjointed systems and tribal knowledge greatly hinder your ability to collaborate and work efficiently. LIDD’s roadmaps bridge the communication gap by bringing your unique vision, in-house resources and talents together harmoniously.

Establish a strategic implementation schedule

Digital road-mapping requires dynamic project management to maintain momentum and respond to digital disruption in real-time. Our team of industry experts set aggressive targets to deliver solutions quickly, at maximum ROI. Long after implementation, we monitor thresholds, industry benchmarks, and triggers for continuous iteration.

Foster development

Digital transformation is driven by culture. Our experts make transition easy with training, change management, and ongoing support.

Experience the LIDD difference.

Proprietary tools and algorithms

Industry-specific expertise

Capital-protective philosophy

Short-term and long-term transformation

Digital and physical asset integration

Easy deployment and onboarding

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