Generix Solochain

LIDD is the premier implementation and support partner for Solochain – an enterprise quality warehouse management and manufacturing execution system recognized on the Gartner Magic Quadrant.

Combine the strength of LIDD with the power of Solochain, a leading supply chain execution system for manufacturing and distribution operations.

Warehouse Management (WMS)

Solochain is a versatile warehouse management software system with impressive scalability, flexibility and ease of integration.

Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)

Consume raw materials properly and achieve real-time accuracy with highly-capable integrated MES functionality.

Warehouse Control System (WCS) Integration

Direct and support your materials handling equipment including ASRS, pick to light, conveyors, and carousels, from a flexible platform.

Supplier, Customer, and Carrier Portals

Centralize all stakeholder communications and transactions with a robust information sharing platform.

Transportation Management (TMS)

Map out transportation operations including truck, fleet, and freight and oversee end-to-end shipping and receiving logistics.

True Omnichannel

Work with a team highly experienced in deploying Solochain for flexible distribution, enabling leading edge strategies.

Labor Optimization

Work with a tool that’s one step ahead. With smart dashboards, intelligent slotting, and powerful replenishment features, you will gain control of your operation.

Why make LIDD your Generix Solochain partner?

Multidisciplinary Expertise

When selecting a software services partner, you want to be sure that your provider knows the software in-and-out. With LIDD, you get it all: deep Solochain WMS expertise and the strength of our firm’s experts in ERP, infrastructure design, distribution strategy, and more.

Industry Experience

Our industry expertise is the key to our success. Our team understands cold-chain, traceability, multi-stage WIP, and other subjects with unmatched depth. Our configurations and customizations are grounded in a rich understanding of supplier inputs, retailer expectations, and labor standards. We speak your language.

Big Picture Thinking

Our architects don’t live within a single-system box. Our practice leadership approaches implementations with a view for your full systems roadmap. Our interface control documents depict where each category data lives and how it’s exchanged, and our experience includes dozens of systems across ERP, TMS, OMS, returns management and more.

Simplify your architecture with LIDD Connect.

LIDD Connect is a cutting-edge integration solution with special features for the food and beverage industry. By bridging the communication gap between Solochain and key ERPs like NetSuite and Dynamics 365 Business Central, LIDD Connect enables faster and more efficient integration. Alongside our deep multi-platform iPaaS integration expertise, LIDD Connect is a powerful tool for your business.

How your business can benefit from LIDD’s integration expertise.

Handshake between your ERP and Solochain.

Communicate easily across your ERP and WMS with LIDD Connect’s cloud-based capability. Work on staging tables, web services, and error handling logic from both platforms simultaneously.

Gain control of your data:

Facility Layout Information

Measure warehouse bin capacity, carve out warehouse routes and improve product slotting using 3D facility layout information.

Vendor Cards

Automatically capture, validate, and store vendor information on your ERP and Solochain.

Item Cards

Share cold-chain metrics like expiry dates, lot numbers, country of origin, and temperature between Solochain and your ERP.

Customer Cards

Easily search customer criteria to find customer inventory.

Your ERP & WMS as a powerful connected data platform:

Inbound Transactions

Capture item data instantly across your ERP and WMS and automate the entire procurement cycle, including purchase orders, return orders, and transfer orders.

Outbound Transactions

Control picking, replenishment, loading, and shipping activities as they occur.

Bills of Material and Production Orders

Handle multiple change scenarios while enforcing critical control steps during BOM management and PO creation.

Inventory Control

Control Solochain’s cycle count directly from your ERP.

What sets LIDD apart?

  • Leverage our firm-wide expertise

  • A team with deep industry experience

  • Responsiveness & punctuality are core values

  • Business-minded technical teams

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