News July 13, 2023

2023 Microsoft Most Valuable Professional Award (MVP) Issued to Amanda Mayer

News Release

July 13th, 2023

Montreal, Canada —LIDD Supply Chain Consulting proudly announces Amanda Mayer’s recognition as a Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional).

The Microsoft MVP Program acknowledges leaders in technical communities worldwide who generously share their knowledge and expertise with others. MVPs possess deep knowledge of Microsoft Solutions, continuously pushing the boundaries of innovation and embracing new technologies.

Amanda’s designation as a Microsoft MVP recognizes her exceptional contributions to the community, and her expertise in Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Business Central.

Amanda Mayer, Director in LIDD Microsoft Solutions practice, quotes:

“Achieving this award was both a professional and personal feat. It was also important to me to see more diversity and female representation in the recipients as well as technical experts related to using the system. I love giving back to the community and sharing my knowledge and having Microsoft recognize that is icing on the cake.”


Learn more about Amanda’s Microsoft Solutions expertise and impressive achievements:

Amanda’s journey started with implementing NAV, the predecessor of Business Central, as the Corporate Controller for a global adhesives manufacturer and distributor. This hands-on experience provided her with a profound understanding of the power and potential of Microsoft Dynamics solutions.

Throughout her exploration of Microsoft Dynamics, Amanda faced her fair share of challenges, including the scarcity of comprehensive documentation for certain functions she wanted to utilize. However, she embraced self-learning, sought guidance from industry peers, and immersed herself in a network of knowledgeable individuals who shared her passion. By adopting this collaborative approach, Amanda overcame obstacles and honed her skills. Her commitment to sharing technical expertise and supporting the community has been instrumental in earning her recognition as a Microsoft MVP.

Now, as a trusted advisor in Microsoft solutions, Amanda helps clients transition from traditional ERP systems to the innovative architecture of Business Central. She possesses an exceptional understanding of the untapped potential within Microsoft Dynamics, specifically in intercompany and multi-currency management. This invaluable knowledge has positioned her as a go-to resource for customers navigating their journey towards Business Central. Amanda’s ability to leverage the platform’s full capabilities has empowered businesses and the user group community to make informed decisions and achieve unparalleled success.

Amanda’s MVP recognition reflects her dedication to giving back, sharing knowledge, and supporting others in the Microsoft community.

Join us in celebrating Amanda’s remarkable achievement as she is honored with the prestigious Microsoft MVP recognition. We are proud to support our global team of expert advisors, and Amanda’s accomplishment is a testament to LIDD’s commitment to building exceptional teams that drive success.


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