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Build Description

ID Title
177127 Role Center and Processing Enhancements
174336 Overwrite Purchase Return Order Item tracking lines
174328 Overwrite Sales Return Order Item tracking lines
168736 Item Interface for Solochain Lot Number Updates
174911 ProdBomBuffer Does Not Exist
174912 Split – Confirmation Dialog Box

Build Description

ID Title
166622 MA03 – Change Lot No. Field to Match Core BC of 50 Characters (Core LC)
166236 Allow MM Inventory Report to Support Over 1000 Serial Numbers
166227 MM Inventory Report – Ignore Serial and Lot Numbers
165708 MA02 – Automatically Finish Production Orders for Split
164636 Production Orders Status report Importing to Solochain with -10000
160703 When user does Delete action from Staging table it resets all user filters
160353 Report to bring records back and update.

Build Description

ID | Title

  • 161095 | Reset transfers to site to site
  • 160515 | LOT Expiration date check on inbound records
  • 156632 | Cannot view XML on records that are not decompressed in the staging table
  • 110396 | MA01 – Inventory Split adjustment


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