Newsletter November 9, 2023

LIDD Newsletter Q4 2023

LIDD Newsletter Q4 2023

A Look at Network Optimization

As supply chains become more complex, streamlining your network is key to improving efficiency and reducing costs. We know this is no easy task, and we are excited to share supply chain network optimization strategies and technologies in our latest newsletter.

This edition of the newsletter provides real-world examples of how leading companies are using network modeling, data analytics, and new digital tools to streamline their supply chains. It also features insights from our partner ENCOR, who provided market data and collaborated with LIDD on the development of this quarter’s newsletter.

You’ll find case studies and expert advice on:

  • Consolidating warehouses and optimizing distribution
  • Improving connectivity across suppliers, plants and warehouses
  • Leveraging demand forecasting and inventory optimization
  • Adopting AI and control towers for enhanced decision making

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