Newsletter February 12, 2024

LIDD Newsletter 2024

LIDD Newsletter 2024

A Look at Next Generation Warehouses

Next generation warehouses – how to maximize the value of your warehouse tehcnoogy investments.

As we turn the page and look forward to 2024, the landscape of warehouses is evolving rapidly. With changing labor dynamics and consumer preferences driving the adoption of new technologies and automation, the next-generation warehouse is poised to be a hub of innovation.

This edition of our newsletter dives into the world of warehouse technology systems (WTS), and is packed with insights that are shaping the future of supply chain management. Inside, you’ll find informative insights on how automation is transforming warehouses, driving efficiency, and setting new benchmarks for operational excellence. Here’s a peek at the articles included in this edition: 


  • Vital Tips for a Seamless WMS Go-Live:
  • A Strategic Guide to Pivoting Your Business Towards Automation
  • Interoperability in Warehousing featuring Onomatic

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