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Maximizing Warehouse Efficiency: The Importance of Stretch Wrappers in Warehousing and Distribution

By Marc Menard
October 26 | 3 min read

Your Guide to Stretch Wrappers: Boosting Warehouse Efficiency

Warehouse Mechanics - tips & tricks from an supply chain expertAchieving warehouse efficiency is a top priority. While there are numerous strategies to consider, it is often the overlooked details that can make all the difference. These hidden factors set industry leaders apart from their competitors, and one such consideration is stretch wrappers.

Despite their seemingly insignificant nature, stretch wrappers play a pivotal role in optimizing warehouse efficiency. Join Marc Menard as he walks us through everything we need to know about stretch wrappers.

What You Need to Know about Stretch Wrappers

Stretch wrappers may seem like a small piece of the outbound logistics puzzle, but they can often be a source of congestion in your operations. Choosing the right technology, quantity, and location for these machines is crucial to maximize your facility’s throughput.

To start, it’s important to understand the different technologies on the market.

  1. Turntable Stretch Wrapper
    • A fixed solution – A pallet is placed on a turntable, which will then spin while dispensing film around the pallet.
  2. Straddle Stretch Wrapper
    • A fixed solution – A pallet is placed on the ground in a dedicated area. A mechanical arm then rotates around the stationary pallet dispensing film.
  3. Orbital Stretch Wrapper
    • A fixed solution – Often used for flattened and elongated products, the orbital stretch wrapper dispenses film top to bottom rather than around all four sides, as seen in the other systems.
  4. Mobile Stretch Wrappers
    • A mobile solution – These machines can be used anywhere on the dock. They require human interaction to initiate the wrapping process and rotate around the product similar to a straddle system.

All systems presented above can be semi or fully automated based on your throughput requirements, level of automation in your facility and most importantly, the product you will be wrapping.

Selecting Stretch Wrappers

When selecting a wrapper, consider the following important characteristics:

  • Size of the load: Ensure the stretch wrapper can accommodate the dimensions of your palletized load.
  • Stability and weight of the load: Choose a wrapper capable of handling the weight and maintaining stability during the wrapping process.
  • Equipment used to load and unload the machine: Evaluate compatibility between the stretch wrapper and your existing loading and unloading equipment.
  • Throughput and volume: Determine the required speed and capacity of the stretch wrapper to meet your production demands.
  • Load containment requirements: Assess the level of load containment necessary to prevent shifting or damage during transportation.
  • Film type: Select a wrapper that is compatible with the type of film you use, such as stretch film or shrink film.
  • Space and layout: Consider the available space in your facility and the layout of your production line to determine the optimal location for the stretch wrapper.

Stretch Wrappers & Warehouse Efficiency – Why it all Matters

In the competitive world of warehousing and distribution, attention to detail is paramount. History has shown that logistical efficiencies can make or break wars, and the same principle applies to business operations. Every small detail counts, especially in a time-sensitive environment where lost seconds or minutes can result in significant financial losses. Even seemingly minor aspects like stretch wrapping contribute to the overall efficiency and effectiveness of operations in this demanding industry. So, by taking the time to understand stretch wrappers, the various factors, and the different technology on the market, you are already one step closer to achieving smoother operations, increased customer satisfaction, and improved overall performance.


If you would like to learn more about maximizing efficiencies in your warehouse and how to optimize your operations, reach out to the LIDD team, or contact Marc directly.

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