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Is It Time to Upgrade Your Warehouse Management System (WMS)?

Vivi Tran-Lynch

March 12th| 2 min read

When to Level Up Your Warehouse Management System (WMS): 3 Key Signs

When evaluating operational efficiency, I’m often asked by clients “Do I need a (new) WMS?”

Most robust ERPs have a basic warehouse management functionality, and many companies use self-engineered warehouse technology. Both options are often “good enough” until BAM! … one day what you have isn’t working for your business anymore.

So, “when” should you really consider investing in an enterprise-level solution?

Here are 3 critical indicators for leveling up your WMS :

Sign #1: Maxed Out on Throughput

Picking on paper isn’t the only consideration for upgrading the process.  Home-grown technologies often focus on addressing immediate issues, overlooking future potential challenges. A dynamic business should be supported with a solid foundation.

Advanced warehouse technologies have the potential to boost fulfillment rates in most operations by 15-20% through the utilization of optimized pick paths and progressive picking methodologies, complex order allocation processes, and the ability to streamline replenishment, packing, and scheduling activities.

Sign #2: Real-Time Inventory Visibility is Essential

For many industries, real-time inventory data is no longer an ask, it’s a necessity for competing effectively in the marketplace.

A comprehensive WMS offers the advantage of seeing your inventory in real-time across multiple sites and business channels, allowing for better decision making, improved customer service, and a reduction in overall inventory risk.

Sign #3: Traceability as a Business Imperative

Supply chain visibility and traceability is becoming a more common business requirement in today’s environment.

Whether your business requires tracking of expiration dates, production serialization, country of origin or manufacturing site, or increased controls to meet regulatory & compliance obligations, an enterprise-level WMS will meet these needs directly.


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